COMPAC is the official sponsor of the ARCHITECTURE Awards organized by CSCAE

  • COMPAC strengthens its commitment with the architecture sector by sponsoring this event.
  • CSCAE is committed to a new award format to disseminate the social and cultural values ​​of architecture and urban planning.
  • The awards highlight the role of architecture and its effects on people’s health, well-being and safety, as well as on the sustainability of the planet.

  • Cartel Premios CSCAE Arquitectura 2021

    The current new paradigm of architecture and urbanism in society requires a new way of rewarding architecture. The values ​​that previously prevailed have been modified according to today’s world, marked by the environmental, health and supply crisis. COMPAC, leader in the sector of decorative surfaces and materials for architecture and design, is aware of this new situation and aims at discovering new ways of approaching the public by opening a fundamental dialogue among design, architecture and the society.

    The result of this reflection is the continued collaboration with the most important architecture and design events in Spain, such as the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism and these new ARCHITECTURE awards promoted by the CSCAE and which are presented for the first time this November 3. These renewed awards will recognize the social and cultural values ​​of architecture and urbanism, focusing on their effects on the health, well-being and safety of people, as well as on the sustainability of the planet.

    As society becomes more aware of the importance of architecture and the role it plays in their daily life, COMPAC strengthens its ties of collaboration and joint commitment, as an official sponsor and also as active participants in the development of the talent.

    For this reason, the awards that will be given to the winners will be created with COMPAC materials and their design will come out of a contest that will be announced soon. This is a unique occasion to demonstrate the versatility and good results of COMPAC materials in the world of design and art, beyond decorative surfaces for architecture.

    With these collaborations with CSCAE and BEAU, COMPAC wishes to strengthen the relationship with institutions, artists, designers, architects and different professionals in the sector as a fundamental basis to advance together towards new goals and discoveries capable of transforming the future.

    “At COMPAC we support the architecture sector for both future generations and established professionals. We are at the service of architects and our mission is to respond to the most demanding technical requirements with a unique and creative design. We are proud of being able to be an active and committed part of this great event in the architecture sector.” Paco Sanchis, CEO COMPAC.

    COMPAC is thus consolidated as one of the benchmarks in the field of architecture and urban planning, both nationally and internationally. At COMPAC, innovation and sustainability are the main drivers of their philosophy, and in their facilities they carry out intense creative work to create new surfaces and high-quality materials. Collaborations with prestigious architects, designers and artists are one of the distinctive features of the company, which always seeks personalization and the best solution adapted to each specific case, thus becoming an active protagonist in the relationship between industry and architecture. Recent projects and collaborations include the new pavilion of the Norman Foster Foundation and the collections developed with artist Arik Levy.

    ©COMPAC proyecto arquitectónico con el material Obsidiana COMPAC

    ©COMPAC architectonic project with Obsidiana COMPAC material