Lifetime warranty Quartz

Our products are covered by an associated warranty, as if time stops to survey the absolute beauty of these creations.

Quartz, one of COMPAC’s most resistant materials, comes with a 33-year warranty in all designs. This material has perfect technical and aesthetic qualities that can be adapted to kitchen countertops.

Once your worktop has been installed, your marble worker or purchasing establishment will register the product they have installed. Subsequently, COMPAC will inform you of pre-registration so that you can register for your full lifetime warranty.

This warranty is valid in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

Sello Lifetime Quartz Warranty


  1. This warranty extension is valid for 33 years from the date of installation of your worktop and is offered by COMPAC voluntarily and free of charge, subject to the following conditions.
  2. This warranty is only applicable to manufacturing defects affecting materials used in making Quartz COMPAC worktops for installation in private homes.
  3. To obtain assistance during the warranty extension period, you must contact the sales outlet where you purchased the product or contact COMPAC directly.
  4. This warranty covers materials which have been used and maintained following COMPAC’s Maintenance and Upkeep Instructions and Precautions for Use, as given on the official COMPAC website.
  5. The holder of this warranty must at any given time allow COMPAC authorised personnel access to the home where the supposed defective product is located for inspection purposes and permit them to take photos if necessary.
  6. Only registered purchasers qualify for this warranty, as specified by COMPAC at any time, and the original invoice must be presented when making a claim under this warranty. For newly built homes, the bill of purchase is understood to be the home purchase contract.
  7. This warranty will only be valid when the owner of the worktop remains registered in the COMPAC commercial database during the period of validity of the same. The owner’s data can be transferred to third parties for the sole purpose of communicating with him/her in relation to COMPAC products.
  8. This limited warranty is personal and non-transferrable and is only applicable to the person registering their personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranty as published.
  9. Any products that have not been paid for in their entirety are excluded from this warranty.
  10. This warranty does not cover products fitted outdoors, or damage resulting from improper use, exposure to excessive heat, exposure to the elements, excess exposure to ultraviolet light, physical or chemical misuse, including knocks or bumps on worktop edges or faces, or damages caused by inappropriate care and maintenance.
  1. This warranty does not cover defects resulting from inappropriate handling, cutting or improper installation.
  2. This warranty only covers the replacement of the slab/s used in manufacturing the worktop. In the event of replacement of the material, the new material will only be covered by the legally binding warranty in the country of installation.
  3. This warranty does not cover cut-to-measure or installation costs. Similarly, this warranty does not cover additional costs derived from other repairs or modifications to fixtures, such as plumbing, wall repair, etc.
  4. Materials which have been polished or have had their surface modified by any chemical or mechanical means are not covered by this warranty extension.
  5. This warranty does not cover repairs undertaken by third parties.
  6. COMPAC shall not be liable for transport costs of replacement material to the purchaser’s home.
  7. This warranty does not cover products that were installed with known or visible manufacturing defects at the time of installation, including but not limited to, differences in colour or tone, contamination, missing materials or surface defects.
  8. This warranty expressly excludes installations on floors, walls, or similar, as well as commercial uses or any other use apart from use as a worktop in a private kitchen.
  9. COMPAC shall not be liable for personal injury or harm caused in whole or in part by fortuitous events, architectural or engineering designs, structural movements, acts of vandalism, accidents or force majeure.
  10. This is the sole warranty provided by COMPAC for its kitchen worktops. Only COMPAC is authorised to make any warranty commitment in relation to COMPAC products.
  11. COMPAC reserves the right to replace defective material with other similar materials of its own choice should the product protected under this warranty have been discontinued.