COMPAC opens new showroom in New York

Some of the most prestigious architectural firms in the city are invited. COMPAC’s showroom is intended to become a meeting point and inspirational space for architects, decorators and interior designers.

COMPAC’s anniversary has marked a turning point in the history of the company, which has reinforced its commitment with innovation across its operations. In alignment with this updated corporate model, COMPAC has entered new markets, launched new collections and completed an ambitious renovation of its headquarters.

“Let the inspiration find me working”

This famous quote by Pablo Picasso resumes the ultimate goal of COMPAC’s New York showroom: To provide professionals with the creative tools they need within an aesthetically pleasing environment. With this in mind, the space’s focal point is a Carrara Glacé table with room for eight work stations. Other highlights include a suspended countertop and a display of landscapes showing the brand’s environmental commitment and source of its inspiration and materials – marble and quartz.

A sculpture named Head, by Spanish artist Ruben Fuentes Fuertes can be found at the exhibition area. This art piece sums up the motto Quarts Meets Art. The sculpture is surrounded by several quartz pieces suspended in mid-air in the shapes of diamonds, hanging from ground to ceiling.