COMPAC revolutionizes the experience of choosing.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Surface Coverings brand from Spain, COMPAC, makes a bid for renewing the decorative surfaces trade with the introduction of a significant novelty. Following the presentation of its new Glacé finish and two ground-breaking collections, AMA and New York, this Spanish firm is going one step further to propose an avant-garde display system that converts the sometime difficult process of choosing colours and finishes into an exciting and creative experience.

This highly functional display called the MODELbox is a transparent polycarbonate structure with subtle, succinct lines that give front stage to COMPAC’s decorative pieces. Its aim is to help architects, interior designers and decorators and all other clients to gain a quick resume of the whole line-up and visually combine and feel their different effects and textures.

The main advantage is that one can see and compare the complete palette of COMPAC designs and finishes in one single overview. MODELbox was created to inspire, promote creativity, break down the barriers and allow imagination to soar when it comes to selecting materials for versatile, exclusive space arrangements.

All 47 pieces, ordered by chromatic range and framed in clear polycarbonate, can be set against backdrops that highlight their appeal and make choosing surfaces coverings easy and fun. The rectangular display system for COMPAC samples (sized 12cm x 6cm x 0.3cm) looks like a kitchen surface where clients can better imagine the composition they want to create in a realistic and practical way.