COMPAC Hammam - Unique Calacatta & Unique Marquina

Hammam Project, from the arquitecture studio GGArquitects

The Hammam Project is a collaborative creation with the architecture studio GGArchitects

“La Colección Unique de COMPAC permite crear volúmenes para transmitir mucha masa, calidad y alta complejidad.”

COMPAC Hammam Project, designed by GGArchitects

The Spanish architecture studio GGArchitects, has created an imposing sculpture of quartz panels that shows the potential of the Unique range. Inside the work, Unique Marquina has been used, a highly expressive design that combines the power of black with soft white veins.

For their design they have opted for the elegance of Unique Calacatta, a surface that transmits purity and lightness thanks to the contrast of its white background with the grayish veining characteristic of Unique Calacatta.

COMPAC Hammam Project made by Unique Marquina and Unique Calacatta

“The fluidity and depth of the veined in Unique Calacatta™ make it the ideal surface to cover the water.

In the Unique Marquina™ we find the contrast to mark and sharpen the geometries of the piece.
In short, we love the Unique Collection, the values, excellence and quality with which they have developed in COMPAC The Surfaces Company is an inspiration to create incredible projects. “