The CSCAE ARQUITECTURA Awards recognise the best in architecture and urban planning with sponsorship from COMPAC

The names of the 9 winners were revealed at a gala where Carme Pinòs and Carlos Puente received ex aequo, the Gold Medal for Architecture.

The award winners include three special distinctions: the Spanish Architecture Award 2021 for the Social Housing, in Cornellá, by Peris+Toral Arquitectes; the Spanish Urban Planning Award 2021 for the Agrocity Gagarine Truillot project in Ivry-sur-Seine (France), by Atelier Archikubik, and the Permanence Award forLecture Hall 3 at the University of Alicante, by Javier García-Solera Vera.

The winners received the ‘TOITS’ sculpture, a work by architects Jesús de los Ojos Moral, Jairo Rodríguez Andrés, Manuel Fernández Catalina and Ana Muñoz López, made from Obsidiana, the most sustainable material from COMPAC, the official sponsor of the ARQUITECTURA Awards.

The award ceremony for the first ARQUITECTURA Awards was held at CaixaForum Madrid and concluded with a cocktail party at the Royal Botanical Garden to showcase the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Landscape of Light.

Foto de familia Entrega Premios Arquitectura CSCAE

Madrid, 14 July 2022

The CSCAE ARQUITECTURA Awards announced yesterday the winners of its first edition, in a great night of celebration where the social, cultural and sustainable values of architecture and urban planning were rewarded, highlighting their impact on people’s health, well-being and safety, as well as on the sustainability of the planet.

Organised by the High Council of Spanish Architects’ Associations (CSCAE) and with the official sponsorship of COMPAC, the awards closed their first edition with an exciting gala event hosted by the architect, actress and presenter Leonor Martín. In addition, architects Carme Pinòs and Carlos Puente received ex aequo, the prestigious Gold Medal of Architecture, an award that the CSCAE has been granting since 1981 to the best professional performances in architecture and urban planning.

The winning projects of the ARCHITECTURA Awards 2021 were judged by the jury from a total of 650 entries, responding to values such as sustainability and health, The New Bauhaus, social and ethical commitment, profession, RE values (corresponding to Rehabilitation, Renovation and Regeneration) and habitat. Furthermore, the Gold Medal of Architecture and three special distinctions were awarded: the Spanish Architecture Award, the Spanish Urban Planning Award and the Permanence Award.

The winners received the sculpture of the awards, the design ‘TOITS‘, a work by architects Jesús de los Ojos Moral, Jairo Rodríguez Andrés, Manuel Fernández Catalina and Ana Muñoz López, made from Obsidiana COMPAC, a material created using pioneering technologies, made of 100% recycled and recyclable glass.

Marta Vall-llossera, presidenta del CSCAE, y Paco Sanchis, presidente de COMPAC

The president of the CSCAE, Marta Vall-llossera, commented that “Each and every one of the awards we are presenting today represents a commitment to architectural quality, a quality that less than a month ago was recognised by a law as an important instrument for protecting architectural culture and promoting values.” In this regard, she dedicated a special tribute to her predecessor on the Council, Lluís Comerón, as the driving force behind the reformulation of the awards, and announced that, in recognition of his work, the Lluís Comerón Award will be created, a distinction that will recognise people or institutions that stand out in their defence of Architecture with unquestionable ethical values.

COMPAC CEO, Paco Sanchis, highlighted that, “We face each of the challenges we set ourselves with a disruptive outlook, creativity and social commitment. Architecture is one of the most powerful drivers for transforming society and we are proud to promote these awards that support the excellence of the best professionals in our country.

Paco Sanchis, presidente de COMPAC, durante su intervención

In his closing speech, the Secretary General of the Urban Agenda and Housing, David Lucas, stated that “The Law on the Quality of Architecture values Architecture as an instrument of social cohesion, from where to fight against climate change, rebalance inequalities and contribute to social welfare and cultural heritage. We also wanted to reinforce the exemplary role of the public administration, which must ensure the quality and training of the sector.” He also highlighted these awards, the talent of the architects, as well as the work carried out by CSCAE president, Marta Vall-llossera, and especially that of her predecessor, Lluís Comerón, to promote the importance of architecture in society, which serves citizens’ well-being.

In order to showcase the Landscape of Light, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ARQUITECTURA Awards gala was held at CaixaForum Madrid, after which guests enjoyed a cocktail party at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Six works awarded for their values:

  • Sustainability and Health Award (Universal Values). María Fandiño Iglesias, “Conditioning of the public spaces of Explanada del Horizonte, Porticelo, Pontevedra”.
  • New Bauhaus Award (Cultural and artistic values). Emilio Manuel Tuñón Álvarez, “Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear, Cáceres”.
  • Commitment Award (Social and ethical values). Elisabet Capdeferro and Ramon Bosch i Pagès Pla, “Block 6×6, Girona”.
  • Profession Award (Professional Values). Patricio Martínez González, Maximià Torruella i Castel, Luis Miguel Gotor Navarra, “ICU-COVID Building, in Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, Barcelona”.
  • Habitat Award (Basic Values in Architecture and Urban Planning). Santiago Vives i Sanfeliu, Tomás Montis Sastre, Adrià Clapés Nicolau, Care Home Son Caulelles, Portol (Mallorca)
  • Re Award (Values associated with rehabilitation, renovation and regeneration). Carles Enrich i Giménez, “Espai Santa Eulàlia, Gironella (Barcelona)”.
  • Three special distinctions:

  • Architecture Award 2021: Social housing, in Cornellà. Marta Peris Eugenio, José Manuel Toral Fernández (Peris+Toral Arquitectes)
  • Spanish Urban Planning Award 2021: Agrocity Gagarine Truillot, Ivry-sur-Seine (France). Miquel Àngel Lacasta i Codorniu, Carmen Santana Serra, Marc Chalamanch i Amat (Atelier Archikubik)
  • Permanence Award 2021: Lecture Hall 3 at the University of Alicante. Javier García-Solera Vera
  • The gold medal, a career achievement award

    Since 1981, the CSCAE has recognised the best professional careers in architecture and urban planning by awarding the prestigious Gold Medal of Architecture. This year, it has been awarded to the architects Carme Pinòs and Carlos Puente. The jury recognised that the works of Carme Pinòs and Carlos Puente represent “two committed ways of practising the profession that reflect the importance of quality architecture and converge in the excellence and delicacy of singular works”.

    Entrega de La medalla de oro, un premio a la trayectoria profesional a Carme Pinòs y Carlos Puente