This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary

In 2015 we celebrate our 40th anniversary and we commemorate this by looking forward. This is how COMPAC has made its way: anticipating tomorrow. A family business which has managed to grow, modernise, and adapt itself to the needs of time. The secret? Without a doubt, innovation and teamwork.

We have always considered it is not enough to be innovative. We must go beyond, we must pursue excellence. In COMPAC we have achieved this by striving for continuous improvement, principally with a team of professionals on the five continents on which we operate. We have much to be thankful for.

Working together with passion has turned difficulties that appear along the way turn into new opportunities. This has enabled us to empathize with our clients and keep us at the forefront of our industry.

In the last four decades we have learnt a lot. We know doing is not enough, we need to create. We are not content simply with existing, we want to leave our mark. This is why we put our soul into everything we do.

Happy anniversary!