Three different surfaces to create unique environments

Nature, its strength and elegance are a source of inspiration. The diversity of America´s landscape, full of contrasts, has served as a reference for the creation of two new collections: AMA and New York. Their colours evoke the textures of nature, stimulate the senses and flood every room with luminosity. Two collections that are already available for both architects and interior designers who are looking for a distinctive touch for their projects.

Furthermore in 2015 Glacé is born, emerging from a revolutionary concept: a completely innovative finish that does not stain. It is a perfect matt finish that is revolutionizing the industry due to its smoothness and the beauty of its vein. The finish of Glacé surprises with its pleasing touch, featuring fewer highlights than any other material in the quartz range.

In all cases, all our collections stand out due the ease with which they can be cleaned. Advanced Compac technology has enabled us to develop smooth pore less surfaces.